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School Lessons:

Available to the public ages seven years and up, school lessons offer non-horse owners a start in riding.  We have excellent school horses who are patient teachers and make riding fun. Every rider will start with private lessons. Riders without previous experience will continue in private lessons until they are able to walk, trot and canter. Riders with previous experience will use this first private lesson as an evaluation and then conference with the instructor to develop a lesson plan going forward. We use a specific set of standards to gauge a rider's level and progress to ensure safety.  Feel free to ask the instructor for more information!   Riders are encouraged to take more than one lesson a week.  Lessons are designed to show measurable progress; the more you ride the better you get.

You will also work with a member our staff to learn how to care for your horse.  Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your lesson time and stay 30 minutes after your lesson ends.  Lessons are available for adults and children.   Due to the size of the horses available there is a 200lb weight limit. 

Equipment is provided for the horse.  You are responsible to be dressed appropriately for your lesson, including long pants and a boot or shoe with low heal (1/2" recommended).  Helmets are available to borrow for the first four lessons.  Additional attire recommendations will be made as appropriate.  

Before your first lesson please complete the new rider application and liability release available on this page. Completed forms may either be mailed or brought to your first lessons.

Group Lessons (4 riders)
-$40 per lesson
-A discount of $5 per lesson is given when lessons are paid for a month in advance.

Private Lessons
-$50 per lesson
-A discount of $5 per lesson is given when lessons are paid for a month in advance.

** To receive the discounted lesson price the whole month must be prepaid before the 1st of the month.  Payments after the 1st of the month will be accepted at the per lesson rate. Discounted lessons not used in the month must be made up by the 15th of the following month or they will be forfeit.

Boarder Lesson and Training Services:

Group Lessons
-$25 per lesson

Private Lessons
-$35 per lesson

-$35 per service

Lessons and Training

Give us a call at
(734) 771-4360
Looking for a horse to call your own? We can help you select a horse to purchase or lease.
Use our experience to help select the perfect mount for you.   
When choosing a horse it is necessary to weigh the rider’s current level and future goals. 

Another factor in choosing the right horse is budget.  A horse's price is determined by its movement on the flat, form over fences, temperament, soundness, age, and show record. We will help you match your goals with your budget.  

Our experience and contacts in the industry help us search out and select the right mount.  For both sales and purchases we will charge 10% commission on the final sale price or $500 which ever is less.  For lease arrangements a 10% commission is charged on 6 month or longer leases with a minimum of $150.  Purchasers and Lessees are strongly encouraged to have a pre-purchase exam performed by a veterinarian.
***All lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.  Lessons cancelled less then 24 hours before your scheduled time may not be made up and must be paid.  Thank you for your cooperation!

      "You don't MAKE him learn, you set it up and allow him to learn." 
- Ray Hunt

We believe that the horses you learn from are as important as the instructor you learn from. Our small program gives you the attention you need for your riding skills to flourish. We will make a plan with you to guide you every step of the way. Check out our staff page to learn a little more about both!
​Sporthorse is our preferred local saddlery. Find them on the web by clicking the link below.